How to host a wine tasting party

As a child, my parents had a dream to build an Italian styled home and grow wine grapes on their land. As this dream became their reality, so did my appreciation for the wine and process of making it. Every year we harvest, pick, crush, and bottle our own wine called Villa Buena Solo, meaning "house of good soil." I look forward to the process, especially the annual wine bottling party and tasting. It is a fun gathering where family and friends of growers, join together and bottle their wine. Based on my past knowledge of wine tasting get-together's that my family so often hosted, I teamed up with Crate & Barrel to recreate a wine tasting party easy enough for you to do in your own backyard. Crate & Barrel provided all the items to make this lovely Wine Tasting Garden display come to life. Visit Crate & Barrel's Blog for my post on How to Host a Wine Tasting Party!

Wine Tasting Garden Party! Host your own with these tips and recipes.

An outdoor summer teak table covered in tan and charcoal linens.

Wine Tasting Garden Party- Gets the tips you need to host your own!

I found some vintage Napa Valley wines in my dad's wine cellar and picked up some local rustic bread loaves from Manresa Bread Shop, Los Gatos!

How to Host a Wine Tasting Party!

How many glasses and how much wine is important to know for a traditional tasting. Find out the details here.

A Garden Wine Tasting party! I love tasting wines from Napa, California and comparing the various differences between wine makers.

Decanter your red wine in this sophisticated Tour Wine Carafe from Crate & Barrel!

How to host a wine tasting party!

Rustic Garden flower arrangement is from Bunches, Los Gatos!

A lovely cheese spread to compliment a wine tasting party! Get more tips to host your own party.

Crate & Barrel's Chalkboard Markers are fun to write on and a unique way to label any cheese platter.

How to Host a Wine Tasting Party!

Assortment of Cheeses are from The Cheese Shop, Carmel-by-the-Sea!

Bruschetta Three Ways Recipe!

Bruschetta Three Ways Recipe is a delicious H'orderves to serve during a wine tasting party.